NEW! Print these free worksheets for kids who are just getting started learning letters and sounds.  These can also be a great supplement for anyone just starting to use our Notebook.

Consonants worksheet

Vowels worksheet

Two-letter syllables

Use these vocab lists to make flash cards, and practice writing in your notebook:

Korean vocab list 1

Korean vocab list 2

Korean vocab list 3


Practice handwriting with this free worksheet.  Write your name at the top!


Learning a new language can be intimidating.  Check out these tips from TED Blog on how to get started.

One activity we like is to pick words out from The New Oxford Picture Dictionary (English/Korean edition).  We got a used copy from Amazon and there doesn’t appear to be a new one.  Maybe they’re updating it or something– I hope!  Kids can make their own flash cards by drawing a picture on one side and write the Korean on the other.  You can also use our books for this!



You can learn a lot from the many faces of Professor Oh, and she’s quite entertaining as well:

Search for tons of videos to help you learn Korean!