Let’s Go Together is available at Amazon. This book is beginner’s level, for English speakers who need help with pronunciation and vocabulary.  Click here for audio help.



Little Red Riding Hood, is now available at Amazon. The classic story, told in English and Korean, makes it easier to understand what you’re reading.  Click here for audio help.


A Korean Storybook Notebook, is now available at Amazon. This notebook is a great resource to help kids and adults alike practice writing Korean. It provides instructions on how to write Korean letters, and lots of large-square grid paper on which to practice and take notes.


Our Korean Workbook is a great foundation for kids who are new to reading Korean, or who might need review.  Children from ages 6 – 12 can go through at their own pace, starting with the alphabet and progressing to reading words.  At the end, there is space for children to write and illustrate their own story, which will allow them to use and remember the vocabulary words. Click here for audio help.